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Yu Hyeon Lee

Luke has a talent in teaching english. And he is always trying teach that is useful in our own life not kind of things we are tought in our schools, you know. I know there so many english courses on the internet. But I'll bet if you don't want to learn english in a boring way, you'll like it. Because he has a humor that makes a courses not boring and not make an exaggerated face expression or speaking tones (l like natural expression more.). But it can be only my opinion. So you can experience by yourself.

Karina Lugo

I have taken 3 of Luke’s courses and I just can say that they are the best I’ve found on the internet. Beyond his teaching process, it’s the friendly way with which he explains each topic. At the end of the course, you feel he’s your friend and that’s give you more confidence in learning. I totally recommend each and every one of his courses, because in addition to learning, you will laugh and have fun.


I have taken 10 of Luke's courses. They helped me so much in my learning English. Luke is the best English teacher I have ever met. His explanations are perfect! I go through all his  courses again and again  because there are so many useful examples which give you feeling how to use words, expressions, collocations and idioms correctly. I like his personality, his attitude to life and people. His heart is in teaching. He has great sense of humour so his courses put you in good mood. 


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